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Reaching The World With The Word Of God

Our Media Ministry encompasses our continuing efforts to reach the world through every means possible. In addition to the popular Harvest Bookstore, our Media Ministry also includes the following divisions: DVDs, CDs & Merchandise Distribution, Sound, Video, Lighting, and Graphics. If you would like more information about any of these areas or would like to volunteer your time and talents, please feel free to contact us.

Contact: Chrystal Gaines  856.784.2220 x108


Our Graphics team helps to create brochures, posters, flyers, and graphics for a wide range of use throughout the church. Volunteers must have experience in graphic arts. Duties may include preparing graphics for print purposes, as well as the development of images for use on the giant screen during services and for use on television broadcasts.

To learn more about our Graphics team, please contact us at  or 856.784.2220 x126.


The Lighting division is responsible for helping to create the proper lighting and atmosphere for services and events. Volunteer candidates will learn what lighting is needed for worship services for live and recorded applications, as well as to be utilized for theatrical presentations. Candidates must also learn how to program the lighting board to store different scenes to memory for future usage.

To learn more about our Lighting division, please contact us at  or 856.784.2220 x126.

Harvest Bookstore

Our on-site Harvest Bookstore offers the best in teaching and preaching, with books, music, and messages from Bishop David G. Evans and other anointed ministers of the Gospel.

We’re always looking for volunteers who would like to help us get the Word out as bookstore staff. Candidates need to be friendly, courteous, and willing to assist and serve our customers to the best of their ability. They must become knowledgeable of the merchandise available in the store and the computer software in order to better assist the customers. Hours are flexible.

If you would like more information on our Harvest Bookstore, please contact us at Harvest Bookstore or   or 856.309.1780.


Our Sound team helps us present the Word with excellence. Whether it’s for a Sunday worship service, a dynamic concert, or a special conference, the Sound team makes sure that everyone who comes enjoys the experience.

If you would like to volunteer for our Sound team, we would love to speak with you. Candidates will go through extensive training in order to learn and develop the needed skills to provide live and recorded sound for all services, events, and concerts held at The Plaza and on road trips where sound needs to be provided.

To find out more about our Sound team, please contact us at  or 856.784.2220 x126.


Our Video division captures the moment here at Bethany Baptist during services and special events. Volunteer candidates will go through extensive training in order to learn and develop the skills needed to shoot video for all services and events held at the Plaza. We also shoot videos to provide tapes to television stations for broadcast.

To learn more about our Video division, please contact us at  or 856.784.2220 x126.

Duplication and Distribution

This division of the Media Ministry helps us fulfill the many orders and requests we have for products and merchandise. Volunteers are welcome and encouraged to join us in spreading the word. Candidates will be trained on how to duplicate DVDs and CDs in order to fill the stock in the bookstore and to fill orders that are placed for merchandise that is not on the shelves. Volunteers for this position must be organized and disciplined, and they must be available on Sundays and Wednesdays, between and after services to make tapes to go to the bookstore following service.

If you want to know more about our Duplication and & Merchandise Distribution division, please contact us at  or 856.784.2220 x126.



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