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The Young E! program offers a great opportunity for business development and support for young entrepreneurs. Our highly trained, professional, and experienced staff provides effective instruction, mentorship, and support to our young business men and women. If you’re a young entrepreneur, we look forward to your joining us for our next seminar, class, or event!

Young E! hosts informative seminars and events focusing on topics such as Business Plan Composition, Effective Marketing Strategies, Financial Management, Obtaining Seed/Venture Capital, and much more! All guest speakers and advisors are credible and qualified to provide accurate and valuable information to each participant.

Graduates of the Young E! program are given opportunities for supervised product management under the tutelage of a staff mentor. This experience allows them to develop and sharpen their entrepreneurial skills in a supportive environment that caters to their unique needs.

If you’d like to get involved in Young E!, please contact us at 

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