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Business Ministries - His Image Ministry

His Image Ministries focuses on changing your image from the inside out by conducting a variety of workshops on image management, wardrobe management, and social and business etiquette skills. Our goal is to enable individuals to feel more confident and secure about how to demonstrate the appropriate behavior and communication skills in every aspect of life.

His Image Ministries is a made up of individuals who possess the passion, knowledge, and skills to educate and motivate people to reflect a godly image by empowering them with the visual, verbal, and non-verbal communication skills they need to succeed. We conduct a series of workshops every second Tuesday of the month from 7-9 p.m. here at Bethany Baptist Church.

• Self-esteem and confidence

• Image management

• Wardrobe management

• Business etiquette

• Social etiquette

• Networking

• Mentorship

• Minding your manners

• Office/corporate politics

• Supervisory skills

• Dynamic selling skills

• Presentation skills

• Conflict resolution

• Communication skills

• Customer service skills

• Dining etiquette

Many individuals are uncertain about what is expected of them at social, political, and/or business events. His Image Ministries facilitates workshops for children, high school students, college students, employees, employers, nonprofit organizations, churches, schools, colleges, entrepreneurs and companies. We also provide one-on-one consultations for your convenience.

If you would like more information about His Image Ministries, please feel free to contact us at or 856.782.9540 x6728.