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Worship Ministry - Hospitality

The members of the Hospitality Committee are the “Ministers of Welcome” for Bethany Baptist Church. The Committee plays a vital role in making the worship service a positive experience, and those who serve are hosts/hostesses to all who arrive for this special time together.

The Hospitality Committee serves at …

• New Years Eve Night Watch Service
• Easter Sunrise Service
• Officer’s Appreciation Banquet
• Senior Citizen’s "Everybody’s Birthday Celebration"
• Annual Church Picnic
• Senior Citizen’s Annual Christmas Party
• Children’s Christmas Toy Give-A-Way Banquets
• Usher’s Day

Our intentions are to serve the worshippers by being informative, directive, hospitable, offering guidance, and helping to create a positive atmosphere that will allow the Gospel of Christ to be heard and received.

Volunteers are welcome to join us every 1st Monday of each month at 6 p.m. If you would like more information about our Hospitality Committee, please contact us at or 856.784.1550.