Twenty-one years ago, God decided to bring a people together with His vision. A vision to save the lost, help those in need, impact the community, region, nation and world with the Gospel.

None of us had much to offer Him but our faith and belief that when God gives an assignment He provides the resources in terms of people, equipment facilities and money. In the beginning, we had very little compared to today. What we had and still have today is tremendous faith, a desire and the will to fulfill God's vision. God would never give us vision without also providing the necessary provision to see it come to pass.

He has never failed us. During the past 21 years, God has proven himself faithful time and time again. We have seen growth few have experienced – from a small church with limited reach, to a large church family with international impact.

All of this has been accomplished through ordinary people, like you and me, doing the will of God to accomplish extraordinary things.

Once again, God is calling each of us to put our faith and trust in him like never before as we approach together the next dimension of our spiritual journey. We are convinced by the fruit of the past 21 years, that God has given Bethany the mandate to transform lives and impact the world through the power of Jesus Christ.

The Transforming Lives One at A Time: The Vision Continues Initiative is the vehicle that God is using to shift us, individually as a church family, into his full destiny and call on our lives.

The Transforming Lives One at A Time: The Vision Continues Initiative is not just about new buildings, additional land and improved outreach. It's about building both people and communities.

If every Bethany member is willing to take hold of the vision, God will propel us all into a greater dimension of service, mission to the community and region, outreach, foreign missions, evangelism and discipleship.

Together, we will transform lives and do greater works than the first 21 years. I have been privileged, honored and blessed to be your pastor. I pray and believe that everyone who calls Bethany "my church" will recognize and respond to God's will and timing in their life by sowing sacrificially into this great initiative. This is a divine opportunity to experience, at unprecedented levels, the blessing that comes through giving.

Thank you in advance for being a partner in the Transforming Lives One at a Time: The Vision Continues Initiative.

I Love You,